Rich The Kid feat. Polo G – Prada

Rich The Kid & Polo G united again for another lavish video named ‘Prada’. After many remixes, Rich The Kid chose Polo G to take this project to the next level, the music visuals were released on Friday (September 3). The Prada (Remix) music video is directed by Gemini Vision and Rich The Kid tookContinue reading “Rich The Kid feat. Polo G – Prada”

Azealia Banks Disses Doja Cat

Many hip hop fans are now aware of Azealia Bank’s problems with Doja Cat. The rapper has been raising controversy in the rap community after body -shaming Doja Cat. The particular video in question was the “Kiss Me More” hit, in response Doja insults Azealia’s music and style. The two are seen arguing over InstagramContinue reading “Azealia Banks Disses Doja Cat”

Nicki Minaj’s Son Says 1st Words In Video

This Thursday (September 2), Nicki Minaj’s Son “Papa Bear” said his first few words while the family was recording a video. The 11-month old baby boy is seen with his father Kenneth Petty and his mother Nicki holding him while sitting on a couch. The rap family posted this video on Instagram. It appears thatContinue reading “Nicki Minaj’s Son Says 1st Words In Video”

ABAB vs AABB Rhyme Scheme (Examples Included)

What is a rhyme scheme? What’s the difference between ABAB vs AABB poetry styles? These questions are often asked by poets, hip hop artists, and other musicians that participate in songwriting. Many artists come to find that finding the perfect lyrics that sound well together will create greater buzz. To achieve this style of flow,Continue reading “ABAB vs AABB Rhyme Scheme (Examples Included)”

Kendrick Lamar Releases New Single With Baby Keem On Friday

Rap icon Kendrick Lamar has been out the rap scene for about a year. Fans are excited to know that the rapper will drop new music on Friday and it’s already on the top 5 hype list. Many hip hop fans are anticipating Kendrick’s new release which will feature artist Baby Keem. A snippet ofContinue reading “Kendrick Lamar Releases New Single With Baby Keem On Friday”

Eminem’s Ex-Wife Kimberly Scott Attempts Suicide Details

Late July 2021, Eminem’s ex-wife Kimberly Scott was hospitalized for attempting suicide. Kimberly Scott is known as “Kim” in Eminem’s music. The hip hop singles that mention Kimberly Scott are Bonnie & Clyde, and Hailie’s Song. According to a Sun Magazine report, Scott took extreme measures to end her life after her mother passed awayContinue reading “Eminem’s Ex-Wife Kimberly Scott Attempts Suicide Details”

YNW Melly Releases ‘Just A Matter Of Slime’ Album

Many are awaiting the trial for YNW Melly’s double murder charge. But to everyone’s surprise, the prisoned rapper released a new album titled ‘Just A Matter Of Slime”. The help behind this new hip hop album released came from a variety of producers and engineers who went on prison phone calls. After some direction fromContinue reading “YNW Melly Releases ‘Just A Matter Of Slime’ Album”

Snoop Dogg Inspires Kurupt to Start Reality TV Show

Snoop Dogg continues to inspire multiple generations in the hip hop community. From becoming a rap legend to endorsing a weed icon, every rapper has something to learn from the artist. Snoop has many credits to his name including a television star, game show host, coach, and many more public relations work. It’s no doubtContinue reading “Snoop Dogg Inspires Kurupt to Start Reality TV Show”

Eminem Invests In NFT Marketplace

Eminem is one of those rappers who never refuses to seize the day. Especially when it comes to investments, Eminem has dived deeper into the NFT marketplace. Cryptocurreny and NFT are changing the investing landscape because they offer a finance opportunity without government regulation. In this recent news, Eminem has invested in MakersPlace, a millionContinue reading “Eminem Invests In NFT Marketplace”

IMAX Theaters Removes The Weeknd’s ‘Take My Breath’ Music Video

Rapper The Weeknd is releasing a new music video for his single “Take My Breath”. Although the video is not out, IMAX theaters are already removing it from their facilities. The music video was set to premiere during screenings of The Suicide Squad movie which comes out Thursday. The reason why Weeknd’s music video wasContinue reading “IMAX Theaters Removes The Weeknd’s ‘Take My Breath’ Music Video”