Twitter Scammer Who Hacked High Profiles Arrested in Florida

Last month there was a massive twitter hack that targeted high status names. Names including Kanye West, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and more. These hackers took control of these accounts and posted a message instructing followers to send $1,000 to a bitcoin address.   It is said that the teenagers stole around $100,000 inContinue reading “Twitter Scammer Who Hacked High Profiles Arrested in Florida”

FBG Duck Shot & Murdered in Chicago

Chicago Drill legend FBG Duck was shot and killed by a drive-by near his home in Chicago Gold Coast near Magnicifent Mile. Two others were injured as well, one was a 26 year old female, and another male who is 36 years old. There is a video which is very graphic that showcases the scene.Continue reading “FBG Duck Shot & Murdered in Chicago”

Drake Collabs with Lil Durk on new LP

Recently, Drake released a new music video with Lil Durk titled “Laugh Now Cry Later”. This is the part of the rollout for his 6th studio album. This video is the first preview of the upcoming LP. This single came a month later than his work with DJ Khaled in which broke the record forContinue reading “Drake Collabs with Lil Durk on new LP”

The Weeknd Donates $300k to Beirut Explosions Victims

The Weeknd is not only known for making hit records but he is quite the philanthropist. The Weeknd has donated $300,000 to the victims of the Beirut explosions in Lebanon. Lebanon has been experiencing severe food and medicine shortages. The Weeknd’s manager Wassim Salaiby revealed this news on his Instagram. The Beirut explosions killed 200Continue reading “The Weeknd Donates $300k to Beirut Explosions Victims”

How To Promote Your Music On Reddit

Promoting your hip hop music to Reddit is one of the most effective things you can do for yourself as an independent artist or producer. Reddit is known as the “front page of the internet”. Reddit is a massive community for thousands of communities. From cat loving communities to conspiracy theories, Reddit features loads ofContinue reading “How To Promote Your Music On Reddit”

8 Writing Tips For Rap Songs

To write a rap song, there are a couple of things you have to keep in mind. First, writing rap songs is more like poetry. There is rhythm, rhymes, flows and meaning. What makes a rap song dope? The execution of key elements within each popular rap song. Writing may not come easy to you,Continue reading “8 Writing Tips For Rap Songs”

Soft Clipping vs Hard Clipping

Mostly used in Distortion Plugins, hard clipping and soft clipping produce different sound effects. Knowing these two can further your sound and precision! Clipping Clipping occurs when the signal is too strong for the device to handle it. This signal can come from an instrument or a device like an iPhone. When signal is tooContinue reading “Soft Clipping vs Hard Clipping”

Vocal Processing | Natural Vocals Tip

Vocal processing includes loads of automation which can lead your vocals away from their natural sound. Natural vocals can not be achieved through the use of any plugins or automation due to its high complexity. Of course, if we don’t have perfect sounding vocals, we have no choice but to add some compression. Compression helpsContinue reading “Vocal Processing | Natural Vocals Tip”

How To Study Popular Rap Songs

Popular rap songs today have similar patterns and flows that make them stand out to the crowd, thus attracting many new listeners. To understand what’s going on, we have to dive into each and every trending song and examine the similarities. We’re not going to list any songs here but we want you to thinkContinue reading “How To Study Popular Rap Songs”