90s Hip Hop Songs

Let’s face it; many hip hop listeners have been listening to this genre since the 1990s. The originators of this music have also spoken out against many new rap styles. Instead, they want to relive their time by looping 90s hip hop songs. Take yourself back to the roots by streaming the featured songs inContinue reading “90s Hip Hop Songs”

Rappers On Tour

Since COVID in 2020, many musicians and rappers have stayed indoors for safety. Now that the pandemic has eased, many more artists are hosting shows again. Check out the rappers who are doing tours in 2022. We recommend booking your tickets early to avoid inconvenience later on. Hip hop festivals are also popping back up,Continue reading “Rappers On Tour”

Hip Hop Art

Hip Hop art has been around since music evolved in the 1970s. The urban lifestyle created artists who made unique styles in paintings, prints, and photos. Hip Hop is influential today; we see pieces of art relating to the genre in almost all stores. Collectors even purchase hip hop magazines for over thousands of dollars.Continue reading “Hip Hop Art”

J Witt Drops “EVERYBODY” Music Video

Take some time today and watch J Witt’s new music video “EVERYBODY” on YouTube. Initially from Gainesville, the rapper talks about living in his town. This J Witt single will relate to anybody missing a certain person in their life. EVERYBODY music video showcases lots of grey tones and camera shots in the outdoors. GeorgiaContinue reading “J Witt Drops “EVERYBODY” Music Video”

Adonis Graham

Adonis Graham has been making waves across social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Being the son of a music icon has made the child accustomed to paparazzi in public locations. Adonis Graham is three years old and was born on October 11, 2017. Rapper Drake confirmed his DNA tests as told in an interviewContinue reading “Adonis Graham”

Pushing P Meaning

Pushing P is slang for acting with style while displaying success. Many hip-hop fans prefer to say pushin P on social media platforms like Discord, Twitter, and Instagram. There are also popular songs on TikTok that emphasize the culture behind Pushing P. Others, describe the slang term as a method of showing flashy items whileContinue reading “Pushing P Meaning”

MGK and Megan Fox

MGK and Megan Fox have been social media’s favorite power couple in 2022. The two punk lovers met in the movie Midnight in the Switchgrass set. Many spectators love seeing MGK, aka Machine Gun Kelly, show off his women for the paparazzi cameras. It’s no doubt that many young people today see these two asContinue reading “MGK and Megan Fox”

Taina Williams & G Herbo

Taina Williams and G Herbo introduced a new baby girl. The two hosted a baby shower in December, where they first shared the news of a pregnancy. G Herbo expressed his love for Taina Williams in multiple interviews and is reportedly excited to raise their new family member. Though many celebrities keep their personal livesContinue reading “Taina Williams & G Herbo”

YK Osiris

YK Osiris is a famous American singer from Jacksonville, Florida. His music has become widely popular among young listeners, and he’s become friends with legendary rappers. YK Osiris rose to notoriety when he released songs like “I’m Next (Freestyle” and “Valentine.” These two singles got the attention of Lil Uzi Vert, and the hip-hop artistContinue reading “YK Osiris”