The Weeknd After Hours Tour & Tickets

Music icon The Weeknd is set to travel across North America on his first stadium tour. The Toronto native started his tour on July 8th at the Rogers Centre. The Weeknd then continued to perform at the Super Bowl and is on the road again with his latest tour, ‘After Hours Til Dawn.’ After beingContinue reading “The Weeknd After Hours Tour & Tickets”

Kanye West Biography

Kanye West continues to influence the youth through his music and ventures. He’s given many rappers the confidence to follow their heart to a creative path. Kanye West loves comparing himself to ordinary and unusual people. Kanye West unveiled his new clothing line, saying, “I am Shakespeare in the flesh.” People can’t seem to stopContinue reading “Kanye West Biography”

Rap Snacks Drinks

The famous rap chip brand ‘Rap Snacks’ sells out of stores, and your local convenience should feature a selection of these chips. This chip company quickly grew into a $5+ million-dollar enterprise with massive retail deals, including Save A Lot. Known as a staple in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Florida, and more, Rap Snacks can evenContinue reading “Rap Snacks Drinks”

Lil Candy Paint Latest Hip Hop Songs

Lil Candy Paint has been releasing new music lately and everyone is vibin to it. This rapper is from Chicago and was born Kevin Jenkins on March in 1999. The talented artist releases new albums during key moments in his life. His rap name “Lil Candy Paint” came about by mixing his two favorite things;Continue reading “Lil Candy Paint Latest Hip Hop Songs”

Jeso Latest Hip Hop Songs

Jeso is an upcoming artist from West Orlando in Florida. Many are drawn to his catchy vocal sounds and he’s quickly becoming a staple. Rapper Jeso’s most popular song is ‘Night Riding’ with hundreds of thousands of listens. Jeso is running rounds around social media like TikTok and he’s said to have more music comingContinue reading “Jeso Latest Hip Hop Songs”

NOLANBEROLLIN Latest Hip Hop Songs

Someone who has a unique sound in the hip hop world is NOLANBEROLLIN from Virginia. His music has reached the masses by becoming a viral sensation across social media apps like Reddit. Many do not know that NOLANBEROLLIN has been releasing music since 2016. NOLANEBEROLLIN YouTube videos alone get hundreds of thousands of views. CheckContinue reading “NOLANBEROLLIN Latest Hip Hop Songs”

7 Beginner Tips On How To Freestyle Rap

In 2021, many rappers have shown talent in freestyling. Here are beginner tips on how to freestyle rap in a way to impress! Though most freestyle rappers work endlessly to master their reaction time, others have many rhymes planned out ahead of time. Freestyle rap can be subjective sometimes but all in all if itContinue reading “7 Beginner Tips On How To Freestyle Rap”

Kevin Gates – Trust (Freestyle)

Kevin Gates has proved himself as a hood classic RNB rapper years ago. Recently, Gates released a new freestyle using Fivio Foreign’s “Trust” single. Earlier this year, Kevin Gates dropped another release titled Only The Generals Part II. Since then, the New Orleans rapper has been gifting his fans singles after singles. The hip hopContinue reading “Kevin Gates – Trust (Freestyle)”

Kendrick Lamar Registers 30 New Songs For Hip Hop Album

Kendrick Lamar new hip hop song titles were registered with ASCAP/BMI services. The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers is an organization that protects musicians and artists copyrights. If Kendrick is registering the songs now, you can expect his rap album to come out fairly soon. Many hip hop fans are now at theContinue reading “Kendrick Lamar Registers 30 New Songs For Hip Hop Album”

ZillaKami – Not Worth It (Official Music Video)

ZillaKami released a new hip hop music video of his track “Not Worth It”. This rap song came out of ZillaKami’s debut album DOGBOY as the 4th track. This upcoming artist is bringing a grungy sound mixed with punk rock like other new artists. DOGBOY release date was September 3, 2021. The hip hop songContinue reading “ZillaKami – Not Worth It (Official Music Video)”