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Are you looking for the best concerts to go to in New York? Check out our new guide that features upcoming music events. Find out why many people are excited about the concerts in New York by reading our list that highlights the main acts. We recommend planning several weeks ahead of the date to find the best rates for parking and hotels. Enjoy the lively city during the day with bike riding. Then finish the day dancing inside a large music hall in NYC. 

There are many popular clubs in the Empire State area, but concerts are usually held near Manhattan. Top hip hop, country, and pop artists visit New York to cater to thousands of fans. Please find more information on New York concerts by viewing our list below. 

Harry Styles

Harry Styles took the music industry by storm with his hit singles and albums. The artist is now booked at Madison Square Garden for 15 concert dates. This is massive, considering Harry Styles has only been in the space for a few years. You’re sure to have a chance to see him perform live by booking tickets at the official Madison Square Garden website. The concert days will be from August 20 to September 21. For more information, click below. 

Harry Styles smiling for Chicago concert

Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee also performs in New York at the Madison Square Garden. The international icon is hosting the concert on Tuesday, September 20, 2022. We recommend getting tickets early since Daddy Yankee has a large fanbase. Dance to the Latin music and enjoy drinks with friends at this concert. For more information, visit the official venue website below. 

Daddy Yankee performing live at a New York concert

Billy Joel

Billy Joel is an iconic American singer, pianist, and composer that has worked since the 70s. The artist is returning to his hometown of New York to perform at the Madison Square Garden. You can purchase tickets for Billy Joel at his official website or TicketMaster. With seats still available, you can pick them up for roughly $150 each. Billy Joel will be performing on December 19. 

Billy Joel performing live at a New York concert


Lizzo is one of America’s hottest singers, rappers, influencers, and songwriters. The female artist has reached millions of fans through her music and is now performing at Madison Square Garden. Originally from Detroit, MI, Lizzo is about to show New York what she’s made of on October 2nd and 3rd. Find out more information on the official Madison Square Garden website. 

Lizzo performing live in New York

Post Malone

Post Malone is a popular artist with an engaging vocal style that many people enjoy. Some describe his music as a cross between hip hop, pop, R&B, and trap. Get a sense of his style by attending the Post Malone concert in New York. Watch the artist perform live on his “Twelve Carat” tour with a stop in Madison Square Garden on October 12. 

Post Malone performing at a concert in Atlanta

Rap Concerts in New York

If you’re interested in finding more rap concerts in New York, try viewing our other guides. Otherwise, visit popular ticketing service websites like TicketMaster to see who’s playing in NYC. We recommend finding parking spaces beforehand for an easy time navigating the city. 

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