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Every major record for all kinds of genres features samples. Music snippets are the bread and butter to great intros and awesome breakdowns. In this guide, we will review some of my favorite websites for downloading music samples that fit any song. Throw in your favorite effects and create a different sound to capture your attention. If you’re an upcoming producer, you may understand the difficulty of recording your pieces. 

Incorporating music samples from classic songs can bring in a nostalgic feeling to listeners. The free websites featured in this article have been around for years, and many musicians know about them. From the list, you will see payment options on their sites, giving you access to more sounds. Learn other ways to capture music samples with our creativity guide


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Free-Sample-Packs is a great place to start when finding music samples. New producers should take the time to browse all of the website’s categories to find gems. Download free Kontakt libraries, MIDI files, and music sample packs. Don’t worry; these sounds can be used without paying royalties to the creators. Please support them by leaving a tip if you find something you like. Check out more information on free music samples on the Free-Sample-Packs website


Cymatics is one of the most high-rated destinations for premium samples. Transform your music into an astonishing piece by downloading some of their free presets and more. All producers know Cymatics, but many starters must be aware of the thousands of free samples available. Whether you’re making EDM, rap, or reggaeton, this website has something for you. Visit the Cymatics page to see more details about their free music samples. 

Cymatics sample packs


When starting my music-making journey, I came to love FreshStuff4You. The website has loads of free downloads randing a variety of genres. I really enjoyed their acapella packs that showcase quality vocals. FreshStuff4You has been around for years, and thousands of downloads occur daily. Another cool thing about this website is its tutorial section, where you can learn about improving your production. 

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Production Music Live

If you’re into a melodic vibe with music, Production Music Live is the place to browse. They have an extensive library of techno presets and samples. Signup is required to get free downloads, but it’s undoubtedly worth it. Watch the website’s YouTube videos to make a track stand out. I recommend visiting Production Music Live if you are using Ableton. 

NASA Audio Collection

The NASA Audio Collection offers unique sounds that are free to use. I love adding these cool samples to my tracks to add flavor. Who would have thought using NASA audio clips could make a song more interesting? Producers can preview the samples on the website before they download them. Feel free to tag us on social media; we’ll listen to your track! 

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FreeSound has a fitting name for what they serve the community. The popular website has over 8 million registered users and hundreds of thousands of sounds, effects, and samples. Download from the collaborative database and share your music with others! For me, I enjoy obtaining rain samples and other odd audio clips that spark ideas. 

Reddit – Drumkits

I’ve always loved finding new samples on Reddit forums. The thread platform is famous for its hardcore communities. One of my favorite places on Reddit is the Drumkits subreddit. Active community members share their hard-worked audio samples to help others. I highly recommend using this platform for sourcing samples and even marketing. Learn more in our marketing strategies guide


Looperman is a clear winner for many producers looking for quality music loops and samples. Gain access to tips and tricks by watching the provided tutorials. One thing that I love about this website is its search filter, which allows you to search samples by keyword, genre, key, and more. Visit Looperman to look through all the music samples. 


LANDR is known for its royalty-free music samples. They also feature a great list of plugins that can provide you assistance in the studio. Top producers also create packs for users to download on this website. LANDR can also help artists get verified on Spotify instantly! Find more information on free music samples on LANDR

Free Sounds And Loops

Free sounds and loops are available on many websites featured in this article. While free may sound intimidating or sketchy, these platforms have been around for many years and continue to be popular destinations for producers. Feel free to contact us about other websites that deserve to be on this best music samples list. 

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