2nd Youngest Grammy Winner Is Beyonce’s Daughter Blue Ivy

beyonce with daughter celebrating grammy wins

Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy is now the second youngest Grammy winner in history.

It looks like Beyonce is not the only one breaking records in her family. In the 2021 March Grammys, Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy won her first Grammy award for Best Music Video for “Brown Skin Girl,”, the oldest was featured there. Ofcourse, her mother scored her 28th award for Best R&B Performance for her song “Black Parade”.

Other artists shared the light like SAINtJHN and WizKid. Blue Ivy is currently 8 years old. We hope the family even more success in the future as they are teaching their young ones the way of the industry! Similar to DJ Khaled, Beyonce and Jay-Z are involving their children with their business processes.

Youngest Grammy Winner in History

The title for the youngest Grammy winner goes to Leah Peasall who is 8 years old. Her sisters, Hannah Peasall and Sarah Peasall also received their award in 2002. The specific track was “In the Highways” which was featured in movie by George Clooney. The film was called O Brother, Where Art Thou?. The soundtrack was included into an album that won the Album of the Year Award in the 2002 Grammy Awards.

It’s official now that Blue Ivy is now the 2nd youngest person to win a Grammy. The following person won the Grammy in 1997 and goes by the name of LeAnn Rimes.

It’s no surprise that this year’s Grammy Awards was delayed due to COVID. After a 2 month delay the award ceremony received a lot of controversy due to allegations that the awards were “rigged”. This may be the decline of music awards as the general music industry is suffering from event losses.

What do you guys think about the Grammys?

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