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50 Cent has been around the music space for decades, and his memes are unbeatable. His influence has amassed millions of followers on all social media platforms. 50 Cent focuses on multiple business ventures, including TV, music, and performances. Find your favorite 50 Cent Memes in this article. 

It’s no surprise that the rapper became a beacon for memes in the recent Super Bowl. His most famous Halftime Show performance featured the rapper suspended upside down from the ceiling. Many fans were quick to zoom into the rapper’s face and record his interesting moments. The rapper then sang one of his most popular singles that Dr. Dre approved. 

50 Cent Memes

Please look at our 50 Cent memes that will make anyone laugh. The rapper has plenty of serious memes that many people use as jokes on social media platforms. For example, 50 Cent is known for his death stare, which appears in most of his movie appearances. Since these are iconic scenes, people use them to reflect when they are serious. 

Sisqo and 50 Cent Meme

The Sisqo and 50 Cent memes are funny to look at online. The rapper is posed with a relatively short singer. Many music fans proceeded to repost the image on Twitter and Instagram with their captions. The Sisqo and 50 Cent photos appear to be taken inside a studio. Interestingly, the two artists are hugging each other on the side. 

50 cent and sisqo meme standing next to each other

50 Cent in Houston Meme

Another funny meme of 50 Cent is his Houston image. This one is my favorite because fans went wild with their photoshop edits. 50 Cent’s Houston Meme made it easy for users to crop him out and replace the background with funny photos. Some put 50 Cent in front of a theater, swap mart, Texas Roadhouse, etc. Take a look at some of the Houston memes below. 

50 cent in Houston meme featuring a museum

50 Cent Owl Meme

A weird yet popular 50 Cent meme is where Lil Kim looks like an ‘owl.’ Many fans were quick to point out the artist’s wardrobe and how it looked like a night bird. 50 Cent is involved with his meme because he posted the image on social media platforms. After it caught viral on Twitter, Lil Kim reached out and clapped back at the rapper. 

50 cent owl memes

50 Cent Its Your Birthday Meme

50 Cent’s most iconic meme has to be from his popular single “It’s Your Birthday.” The lyrics to this hip-hop track led the way for many photoshop edits. You will find animals, comedians, random strangers, and more using 50 Cent’s lyrics from his ‘Birthday’ song. Find the specific meme and variations below. 

50 Cent

Undoubtedly, today’s music was partly the result of how 50 Cent handled the industry. His hip-hop tracks have set examples of how flows are created. 50 Cent’s real name is Curtis James Jackson III. Interestingly, his music career only led him to more business ventures, like being on television. 50 Cent continues to be a significant influence in today’s rap industry. 

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