9lokknine Hit With 5 Counts of Attempted Murder

9lokknine murder

One person to not mess around with is Florida rapper 9lokknine. I mean his music is vulgar and if it rings true, he really is about “that” life. Unfortunately, when your life changes drastically like a record deal, you realize that you might be in the same group of friends who incite violence. This can make you the target without you even being involved. However this is not the case.

Monique Worrell is the new state attorney for Florida’s 9th Judicial Circuit. One of her first orders was to file 5 counts of attempted 2nd degree murder against 9lokknine, who is reportedly a gang leader. This is the kind of things im talking about, if the police see you talking to criminals then you are technically affiliated. For example if you’re friend commits murder then hangs out at your crib afterwards, you’re likely to go down with him.

In July, investigators report that the Orlando rapper fired a gun into a home in attempt to target another rapper. No one was injured but there was a woman inside of her car with her children when this happened. Last October, 9lokknine was again arrested for possession of a concealed weapon by a convicted felon, and multiple other weapons. This arrest occurred after a shooting outside the mall at Millenia.

Things are not looking good but then again, Smith does have an extensive record. 9lokknine have been arrested since he was 15 years old. God damn y’all, do you know what this is doing with his money? You might think that going to prison or jail for a few months or years is no big deal, but when you come out, you will have half the money. It’s really expensive to fight these charges, and more expensive to settle these charges. Be careful out there folks, the people around you might be the very reason why you won’t succeed.

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