Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel Unite After Prison Release

bobby shmurda reunites with rowdy rebel

From musicians to Oscar-winner actors, celebrities get into trouble either for their illegal activities or are charged with false offenses. Where fame affords a few get-out-of-jail-free cards, several celebrities have served real-time in the big house for their actions. But the thing that remains constant is that their fans never stop to admire them. Similar is the case with Bobby Shmurda.

It’s been a day of full celebration when Bobby Shmurda (Ackquille Pollard) was released on February 23 after serving six years in prison. He was freed on February 23, 2021, after prison officials determined that he was eligible for a conditional release.

Shmurda has been behind bars since he was arrested along with Rebel in 2014. After spending the last six years in prison, he recently obtained his credit for good behavior. Because of that, he was approved to serve the rest of his sentence on parole until December 2021.

This homecoming wouldn’t seem complete until his reunion with one of his old friends and collaborator Rowdy Rebel (Chad Marshall). He was freed from state prison two months ago. The hip-hop musicians, aka GS9, pleaded guilty to second-degree criminal possession of a weapon and fourth-degree conspiracy outside Manhattan’s Quad Recording Studios. A group of police said, they were responsible for several shootings, murder, weapons possession, and reckless

After his release, Bobby Shmurda, credited with popularizing the Brooklyn drill genre, posted to his Instagram stories thanking fans for “remaining loyal” and “riding out” the sentence with him. In a video, two of them are together and taking a posture with an SG9 sign showing how they kept their mouths shut at the injustice that had made their way to jail.

What’s with Rowdy-Shmurda’s relationship?

Along with Rowdy Rebel, Shmurda is the founder and pioneer of Brooklyn drill music. He rose to international fame in 2014 when his song “Hot Nigga” peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100. The two have been friends for a long time before their rap careers blew up, and it was Shmurda who agreed to take a longer sentence for Rowdy’s to get reduced. Rowdy Rebel already has some massive plans for himself and Bobby Shmurda.

The rapper recently took to Instagram after hinting at Bobby’s release last week, where he said that they will perform at Summer Jam 2021.

“I wouldn’t be here RN if you haven’t been the same genuine person I met in elementary,” Rowdy wrote in a now-deleted post. “Always thinking and doing for others. I thank god I got a friend like you I could call my brother.”

Thus, not getting into the details of why they were charged, let’s celebrate their reunion, and wait for what’s cooking next!

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