Bobby Shmurda Denies Knowing Girlfriend

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Bobby Shmurda is seen with a girlfriend and later denies ever being friends with she picked him up from prison

Since returning from prison, Bobby Shmurda is seen hanging out with a young woman. This self-acclaimed “girlfriend” posted a video on Instagram telling her followers that the two were dating. After a couple of hours, Bobby went trending on Twitter about how the girl was making allegations.

Rapper Bobby Shmurda went on Twitter to dispel the rumors and referred the woman as a “homeboy’s joint”. He continued to make a statement denying any sexual relations with the women. After being shown the video, the rapper the says, “I do not know that girl, bro… On gang, bro. I did not f*ck it, bro. It was not me,”

New Bobby Shmurda Video Shows Girl “Lilly” Kissing Him

A new video made rounds in Twitter as Hot N*gga rapper Bobby Shmurda is seen getting kissed by a girlfriend. The young women is said to be named Lilly and she claimed that her and Bobby were dating. Although Bobby Shmurda denies all accusations, fans continue to troll and dig deeper into the situation.

After being notified that Bobby denies knowing her, Lilly proceeds to tell the internet and says, “Doesn’t know me?! I picked him up from prison. Lefty needa get out your ear,”. After all this, more photos were released that showed the rapper next to this lady. What do you guys think of this? Sound toxic? Let us know in the comments below!

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