Bobby Shmurda’s First Day Out Recorded In “Welcome Home” Video

bobby shmurda welcome home documentary 2021

The newest video of Bobby Shmurda and his first day out of prison. A heartwarming welcome with lots of excitement, Bobby is the star of his new video produced by Karen Civil. The video is served as a documentary of the Brooklyn rapper’s return.

After 6 years in prison, Bobby was finally released and the hip hop community was ecstatic. The new documentary Welcome Home Bobby Shmurda begins with Bobby’s uprise. Including the releases of his hit singles “Hot N**a” and “Shmoney Dance”.

In the video you also see when Bobby drops a shoulder and tilts his head to his plaques on the wall. The platinum plaques were waiting for the rapper along the hallway. He was later interviewed by GQ and had Quavo in the cut. Taking a look at Bobby, you can see the same high energy from when he was a young rapper.

Trending rapper Fabolous touched on how Bobby influenced him. “Bobby being home is impactful for the city in a time where the city been in a lot of headlines because of a lot of different things,” explains Fab. “It’s really solid that we get somebody representing the other side. The side that’s rarely highlighted in this era. He’s going to bring that energy to this era. The drill scene has been really missing his music.”

Who’s to know what Bobby is doing right now. What we do know is that Shmurda’s old videos are being reuploaded and amassing millions of views. While some are confusing this as his new music, there has not been anything new official yet. Earlier this week Bobby was seen at a club denied a drink as he has a PO.

Check out the full documentary below for Bobby Shmurda Welcome Home Bobby Shmurda. What do you think?

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