Boosie Badazz Slaps Man Then Deletes His IG

boosie badazz slaps older man

Boosie Badazz reportedly deleted his Instagram after a viral video surfaced of him slapping a man in North Carolina.

Boosie Badazz regains a viral sensation on social media, this time leading to a controversial situation. Boosie recently released a track with DaBaby called “Period”. The rapper received mixed reactions towards this video footage that showed Boosie Badazz slapping a man who calls him a bad rapper. While the video is making rounds around the internet, some fans point out a strange fact that some say ruined the video.

The clip to the video is below. It is visible that DaBaby and Boosie are hanging out in a store buying some tobacco blunt wraps. A what seemed to be drunk man begins to taunt Boosie saying that he sucks at rapping and that he is only seen in rap music videos. “How you gonna tell me you’re a god damn rapper?”. It is at that moment where Boosie gives the man a right hook to the face.

Fans Says Boosie Badazz Paid $554 To The Man Who Was Slapped By Him

Fans were quick to point out that Boosie put a craigslist casting call in North Carolina after the ‘incident’ went viral. Some hip-hop fans were not too happy with this ‘stunt and shunned the rapper for it. This may have been a contributing factor to Boosie deleted Instagram page. Although there was video footage that showcased the aftermath, where Boosie paid the man $554 for the punch to the face.

Some are also thinking that Instagram themselves banned the rapper from their platform. While this can be an issue, many now know that this is simply not the kind of content that Facebook wants in its platform. Personally the video also did not feel right to me as it seem like the ‘actor’ was visibly hurt. Moreover, DaBaby also encouraged Boosie to tip the man after the ‘altercation’.

Do you guys think that getting punched by the face by Boosie was worth $500? Let us know in the comments below!

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