Cardi B Frustrated With Fans Demanding Lizzo Collab

cardi b mad at fans for lizzo request

Cardi B is angry at fans for demanding collab with female artist Lizzo.

While the Queen of hip hop is busy working on her next album, many fans have been bombarding her social media. Except, instead of asking about her upcoming sophomore album, fans are spamming Lizzo and demanding a Lizzo collab. This may be because fans have been waiting on Cardi’s new album for years.

Cardi B should have expected this kind of reaction from Lizzo die hard fans. In fact, Cardi B tweeted some of her favorite photos from Lizzo which resulted in this sensation. After a fan says “now drop that collab with her”, Cardi B replies, “Can I do a son first thst I can put her on.” She did not seem too happy there.

She later continued to respond to another fan, this time she says, “Ok but stop pressuring me to do stuff .I can’t even show love to people with 100 collab collab collab”. It’s clear now that Cardi has had enough of fans dictating what her next move should be.

This brings a good point with fans and celebrities. When is it too far? In a time where fan loyalty is increasingly volatile, rappers and celebrities aren’t as excited to fulfill a fans’ request. Back in the day, managers would rush their talent to work with artists that fans wanted. The timing was a big factor in the hype and so that’s why you want to crank out a single quickly after the demand shows.

With COVID, you can expect less shows, less collabs, and less urgency with new music. I predict that the number of albums will decrease in 2021 as everything will be at a slower pace.

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