Casanova’s $2.5 Million Bail Gets Denied

casanova may face life

Holy smokes! A whopping $2.5 million is gathered for Casanova by his friends. In this attempt to get Casanova out of jail, the bail was denied. Judge Paul Davison from a New York City court denied the bail for multiple reasons presenting by the attorney. Roc Nation’s Casanova was arrested last November on charges of racketeering.

If the 34-year old rapper gets convicted, he faces up to life in prison. There are actually more charges filed against Casanova, including murder, assault, and fraud. Casanova’s attorney James Kousouros says the court had no evidence to back up the allegations.

Photos that were given to the court included photos of weapons in his phone. These weapons supposedly was for a music video and not real. It’s important to note that there has been no tolerance with serious charges like this, and a warning should be given to rappers who might be liable to these kinds of activities.

Despite Casanova willingness to corporate with the charges, the judges are showing no mercy for the once viral rapper. Supposedly Casanova was manufacturing and distributing cocaine, marijuana, and crack. Along with that, the U.S. attorney say, “He sits near the very top of a violent organization. He’s one of the top leaders and narcotic suppliers in a large scale operation that was carried out by more junior members of Gorilla Stone.”

There were 18 alleged members of the Gorilla Stone Nation gang. Casanova claims he is innocent and provides some words in a video, “As you already know I’m fighting serious charges right now. But um, I’m innocent – that’s one. Two, I been fighting my whole life so I’ll get through this. But just understand how they could get you jammed up.”

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