DJ Khaled & Fat Joe are Making an OnlyFans Together

dj khaled and fat joe onlyfans

Oh what a day it is to find out that legendary DJ, DJ Khaled is making an OnlyFans account with Fat Joe. As weird as it sounds, the two are aiming to supply loads of motivational content. Imagine having DJ Khaled in your ear as you go about your routine, not bad! This is a pretty funny set up but OnlyFans has been growing outside of their adult content.

Rappers and music artists alike are flocking to OnlyFans lately because of the opportunity to give exclusive content to supporting fans. I think this is a great approach for famous artists to get personal with their fans. Anyways on Tuesday January 19, DJ Khaled and Fat Joe shared the news on their instagram pages about the collab. In the Instagram video, DJ Khaled is working hard on his jump shot when all of a sudden Fat Joe comes in and shows his skills.

The duo announced a basketball rematched set for the date January 25th, exclusively on OnlyFans. I am excited to see a reality behind the scenes look of these iconic artists. Again, they plan to make motivational content as well as an inside look to their personal lives. At $20 a month, would you subscribe?

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