Duke Deuce Gets DUI and Gives a Statement

duke deuce dui

Memphis rapper Duke Deuce has been hit with a DUI. Deuce will now have to blow into a breathalyzer every time he starts his car. This is a common installation for people who get in trouble with drinking and driving. In United States alone, around 30 people die from drunk driving every single day. This comes out to over 10,000 deaths a year. It is important for artists to know that the cost of DUIs exceed $10,000. Don’t drink and drive!

He surfaced this news when he posted his breathalyzer on the Instagram. Since this happened in California, the legal system there can punish individuals with this installation for up to three years. Duke Deuce can probably get transportation anywhere given his new deal as told by his manager Steven Snipes. “Duke just got his deal done a couple weeks ago. It’s a significant deal, came with a nice check. And now we have the same resources and infrastructure as anybody else at the top of the game. Lil Baby had a No. 1 album last year. We expect Duke Deuce to do the same type of numbers.”.

On twitter, Motown Records tweeted:

Deuce is releasing his new single “soldier stepping” on January 22nd. Duke has always been making his own music but it is now anticipated that the label will continue to push this artist.

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