Fivio Foreign Collabs With Funk Flex

fivio foreign

In Brooklyn, no one is making a bigger impact than Fivio Foreign. Continuing the drill scene, Fivio collabs with long time host Funk Flex. Flex produced the track because Fivio Foreign saw his vision and understood what the next steps to take. This is an interesting collab because Funk Flex has been out of the rap hit making scene for a long time. Funk remembers meeting Fivio for the first time as he wrote, “I met Fivio before COVID-19 and shared with him I was working on an album,” Flex wrote. “We met at the studio BUT I played him a few joints off my album so he could see and feel the vibe I was on! That evening during the Corona pandemic we recorded and we shot the 1st scene of the video! Fivio was one of the first artist to believe in my vision! Thanks again my brother!”

This new project would be Funk’s Flex first release since 2013. His previous mixtape was Who you Mad At? Me Or Yourself. To be honest I think this collab will benefit Funk Flex many more times than Fivio Foreign. The video already came out and is a straight banger to listen to. Fivio Foreign is continuing to impress hip hop listeners with his extensive feature list. Lil Yachty is one of the more recent artists seen in the studio with Fivio. We can’t wait to see what Fivio has in stored for this year. Check out GAMETIME below.

11 thoughts on “Fivio Foreign Collabs With Funk Flex

  1. Honestly I heard this and Fivio rides hard asf. Funk def needs to be in more videos too; his vibe be on point. Keep up the great work.

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