How to Send a Video Snippet to us on Instagram

Let me guess, you didn’t get posted yet?

There are the two reasons why you may not get posted immediately.

If you were sent here, it is likely that your video disappeared or you sent a link. Take a look at an example below.

Sometimes, your videos disappear as soon as I click them!

How to Avoid | Video Disappears

To make sure your video does not disappear, DO NOT CLICK ON THE PHOTO ICON. Avoid this button as it makes your videos disappear as soon as I click them!

How To Send Videos | The Right Way

Send your videos by clicking the IMAGE icon right next to the microphone icon. Look at the picture below!

Tip: Videos must be less than 59 seconds to send. Cut if necessary.

Don’t have a video snippet? No Problem!

To get a video snippet you must screen record your phone or export a mp4 video.

Screen recording on iPhone can be done through the iOS Settings > Control Center > More Controls (Customize Controls in iOS 13 or earlier), then tap next to Screen Recording.

You can also download a screen recording app on the apple store here. If you have an android, you can download the screen recording app here. Hope this helps!

14 thoughts on “How to Send a Video Snippet to us on Instagram

  1. love what you guys are doing. My goal is to make it on your platform to get my music out there and chance my dream of making music.

  2. I like the way that u treat everybody, there’s no selection, you make everybody important. Guys, I appreciate really really your kind service for artists, keep foing like this, God bless you

  3. tbh I’m a new follower on your IG page and I loved how you exposed an aspiring artist and much love
    for what yall doin keep it up

  4. You guys are really amazing love wht you’ll are doin tryna put us out there and tryna make us actually succeed and achieve our dreams love you’ll on another level❤

  5. The first they I saw all this you guys are doing, I fall In Love with It all just that I’m not that good at following your community, Like to get updates on how to be good at my rap, I believe I will be greater someday, This Is my first Instagram account and I did create this because of all this, I’m shy and hard for me to get funds If not I will be working harder and harder on this to go far , On God on this all , What you are doing out there makes me believe the more and I’m sure one day things will be easier for you guys as you have been making It easier for us out here around the world, I will keep doing my best,

    All on God.🙏🌊🤍💙😇

  6. Thanks guys. For helping me know more. I already send my videos via messenge on your Instagram account so hope to get a respond back soon

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