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How to Send a Video Snippet to us on Instagram

Let me guess, you’re video disappeared? You sent a link to our DM and didn’t get posted? These are the two reasons why you might not get posted right away. If you were sent here, it is likely that your video disappeared. Take a look at an example below.

video disappears when I play it

This might be because you clicked on the blue camera icon like the image below.

Instead of the blue icon, try sending your video snippet through the IMAGE icon right next to the microphone icon. Like the picture below! Make sure your video is under 60 seconds so it shows up on your photos.

Don’t have a video snippet? No Problem!

Sometimes people send us links and we can not download these links so we won’t be able to post you. To get a video snippet you must either export your project into a video format like mp4. Or you can screen record your phone screen while you play your music. Screen recording on iphone can be done through the iOS Settings > Control Center > More Controls (Customize Controls in iOS 13 or earlier), then tap next to Screen Recording. You can also download a screen recording app on the apple store here. If you have an android, you can download the screen recording app here. Hope this helps!


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