J. Cole Drops Single “Interlude” From The Off Season Album

J. Cole releases interlude ahead of album release

Looks like we’re getting a taste of J. Cole’s upcoming album “The Off-Season“. On Thursday (May 6th), J. Cole announced that he will be releasing a single called “interlude” on Friday at midnight (EST). His twitter post below states, “Told myself I would drop the album all at once,” he wrote. “Sometimes you gotta say fuck it tho. New song tonight. 12 o’clock.”

It is rumored that legend hip hop producer Timbaland has collab with the KOD artist. This would be his 6th album which includes his latest album KOD which debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 200. His friends and fellow rappers from Earthgang are also expecting to drop the album on the same day. This is exactly what fans have been asking for since January.

J. Cole “The Off-Season” Official Release Date

J. Cole’s masterpiece “The Off-Season” is set to release on May 14th, 2021. This new album will be available on all platforms including Spotify, Apple music, and more. The Off-Season has been highly anticipated by hip hop fans and famous rappers. The picture below is said to make an appearance when the album comes out.

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