J Cole Releases ‘The Off-Season’ Official Album Tracklist

j cole in the studio cooking up

It seems like rap fans are impatiently waiting for the release of J Cole’s newest album “The Off-Season”. The album is set to drop on Friday May 14th at midnight EST. This would make the album drop at 11pm for central time cities like Chicago. Luckily for us hip hop fans, the rapper decided to share some snippets and even a tracklist beforehand.

As expected the cover art on the front and back is the same basketball hoop on fire. You can see the official Instagram post of the album cover with the tracklist listed.

What is surprising is that it appears to be no features on the album. If J. Cole dropped a solo project, many fans are expecting loads of styles and old school flows that the rapper once expressed. The following list is the entire 12 song tracklist with corresponding numbers.

  1. 95 South
  2. amari
  3. my life
  4. applying Pressure
  5. punchin’ the clock
  6. 160 mil’
  7. pride is the devil
  8. let go my hand
  9. interlude
  10. the climb back
  11. close
  12. hunger on hillside

J Cole Freestyles On Leakers

J. Cole recently freestyled on the popular radio show L.A. Leakers. Though he did get some hitback on his rap line that disrespected Bill Cosby, many were impressed at the freestyle. High energy, old school J Cole vibes were the essence of his freestyle and one can predict his album to be like that as well. What do you guys think about this freestyle?

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