Jim Jones Saves Trey Songz From Label Drop

trey songz label drop

Trey Songz, an artist that topped the charts in the early 2000s was almost dropped from his label before the 2005 album “Harlem”. Jim Jones reportedly talked Trey Songz label out of dropping him. The reason is not so clear but Jim Jones has noted that he helped Songz during his creative process.

“I just had a good ear for music and who would sound good on what and even to this day and shit I still have that great ear,” Jones continues, “I was kind of a outlet for us to do like a compiled effort, well, a compilation and funnel it through my albums. Pretty much I was doing what DJ Khaled doing now back then.”

Supposedly, Jimmy worked with plenty of labels at that time. While he was working at Warner Music Group, he explained how he managed to convince Atlantic Records to invest more into Trey Songz.

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