Kanye West Screams at Chance The Rapper

kanye and chance 1

There’s been a lot on Kanye’s plate lately, including his follow up project of his 2019’s Jesus Is Born. This new project is said to be titled Donda. So why was Kanye yelling at Chance The Rapper? Well some sources are unclear on what the rappers we’re talking about but in the video below you can hear Kanye saying, “Listen to the album or leave!”.

Apparently, there is a documentary being made about the creation of this new album. That is the reason why Chance the Rapper was hanging out with Chicago legend Kanye West. There has been some scrutiny lately for Chance, some involving partners, friends etc.

Although Chance might not be receiving the best attention lately, the two and others including Lil Chano, Dash and more are seen having a good time at the Wyoming ranch of Kanye’s. It seems like Chance was simply trying to get the attention of Kanye while Kanye was listening to his work. Give Kanye some space! Kanye clearly does not like getting distracted.

Anyways Chance the Rapper has always supported Kanye. Chance even endorsed Kanye when he was running for President. Supportive friends are essential for pursuing audacious goals like Presidency, but maybe this was a result of too many yes man around you. Don’t be surprised if these guys are breathing on your neck down the line!

kanye and chance

As always, the two seem to be completely fine and in fact Lil Chano and other supporters were there to simply hang out with Ye. There has been a lot of concern lately with Kanye’s mental health, which can be another reason why the rapper needs to hangout with like minded positive people.

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