Kendrick Lamar Releases New Single With Baby Keem On Friday

Rap icon Kendrick Lamar has been out the rap scene for about a year. Fans are excited to know that the rapper will drop new music on Friday and it’s already on the top 5 hype list. Many hip hop fans are anticipating Kendrick’s new release which will feature artist Baby Keem. A snippet of the new music was released on Tidal’s twitter.

Kendrick Lamar with Baby Keem in the streets walking and rapping

Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar – Family Ties

The new single is set to drop this upcoming Friday (August 25th) on all streaming platforms. Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem newest single is named “Family Ties”. It’s important to note that Kendrick and Baby Keem are cousins. The snippet of this new hip hop single was posted on Tidal’s twitter and Keem’s Instagram story.

Baby Keem Debuts New Album “The Melodic Blue”

Baby Keem has been a rising star in the hip hop universe, blessing his fans with hot music. Keem is set to debut a new album called The Melodic Blue which is set to release very soon. The album will feature hip hop legend Kendrick Lamar who has been out of the limelight since his verse on Busta Rhymes’ Look Over Your Shoulder.

Kendrick Lamar Collabs With Busta Rhymes

Kendrick Lamar is no stranger to features lately in the hip hop scene. Rapper Busta Rhymes released a new single named ‘Look Over Your Shoulder’ that released last October. Kendrick’s verse wowed many spectators and quickly took the song to new heights. The soulful beat made the rapper spit the following verse, “My life is like 12 open mics of hopeless notes I write / For sure my folks unite soon as the flow gets nice,” raps K-Dot. “The poltergeist that scares MCs, my prototype forever read, my share of deeds / And R.I.Ps, you know my type of style / It’s like my everything.”

Busta Rhymes also sampled some of Michael Jackson vocals in which he personally recorded. He says to Zane Lowe on Apple music, “I actually solo Michael Jackson, singing the ‘I’ll Be There’ lyrics with no music,” he said. “And just to show people that I have these vocals separated because there’s no acapellas of that song that exist nowhere. And I wanted the world to see that I’m not sampling this. I actually have young Michael Jackson on this song.”

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