Kid Cudi Featured In Upcoming Disney Movie “Crater”

kid cudi featured in disney

Looks like you will be seeing hip hop artist Kid Cudi in an upcoming Disney movie called Crater. This new sci-fi movie will be available on Disney +. The story will be about a boy growing up on a moon like colony and will be exploring into adventure with four friends. Kid Cudi is set to be one of the fathers in the Disney film, which many young rap fans are excited to see.

The director of the film “Crater” is Kyle Patrick Alvarez and is featuring the writer John Griffin. Producers for the Disney movie include Shawn Levy and Dan Levine. The Twitter post below will show rapper Kid Cudi giving kudos to Deadline Hollywood.

What HBO Shows Featured Kid Cudi?

This is not the first time Kid Cudi has been involved with the film industry. Cudi frequents the HBO network by starring in roles in multiple shows. Kid Cudi was featured in shows like Westworld, We Are Who We Are, Bill & Ted Face The Music, and Crisis. The talented rapper also had his hands in a couple of Netflix movies including Malcolm & Marie.

The news came as a surprise as many hip hop fans were expecting a deluxe album for Man on the Moon III: The Chosen. Kid Cudi said, “Im sorry yall but im not doin a deluxe of motm3, Ive decided to start workin on new material and the shit is madness!! Cant wait for yall to hear!! Arghhhh!!! The snippet I released is for something special im doin. Ull see very soon.”

After having major success with the album debuting at number 2 on Billboard 200, Kid Cudi does not seem stressed. What do you guys think about this new Disney film for Kid Cudi? It is incredible how this artist developed his way into climbing the film industry. Working with the likes of Disney is a game changer and does not happen with every artist, we are looking forward to the film!

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One thought on “Kid Cudi Featured In Upcoming Disney Movie “Crater”

  1. All I can say is prosperity to the man Kudi. Music just opens up other doors. He definitely taking advantage of those open doors.

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