Kodak Black Targeted In Shooting By Producer Southside

kodak black side by side picture with southside

In Tallahassee, Florida, Kodak Black was targeted in a shooting that ended in an injury to his security. After police investigation, they concluded that this was a planned attack. Police are now investigating online threats against the Florida rapper, mostly on his social media.

Police Investigating Southside Online Threats Against Kodak Black

Originally labeled as a armed robbery, police later examined hip hop producer Southside and his comments on Kodak Black recently. It appears that the threats came as retaliation from when Kodak mentioned Southside’s girlfriend Yung Miami on Sunday. Southside then hops on Instagram Live and says, “Yak, you still a bitch. We can bump too,”. He continues, “I’ll be back in Miami in a week. Pull up wherever, we can bump. Don’t bring no security.”

Although it seems clear who played this hit on Kodak, police have yet to name a suspect. After the altercation, Kodak is seen going on IG Live to mention what just happened,“A bitch ain’t even gone play with me,” he said Tuesday. “Leave me alone, man. I ain’t f**ing with nobody. Yak been zoolin’.”

Kodak Black Ambushed In Parking Lot Of McDonald’s at 3 a.m.

In April 5th, Monday, Kodak Black and his crew were ambushed by gang members and shots were fired. At the McDonalds parking lot, one of Kodak’s security was shot in the leg. He was immediately taken to the hospital to undergo surgery. Kodak was then taken away in an armored car and was unharmed.

Kodak Black Age & Net Worth

Kodak Black is currently 23 years old living in Florida, USA. The famed rapper regularly has shows and events that put him at a forefront. Kodak Black is currently worth $600,000. Six Hundred Thousand is an enormous amount for a once project baby. Kodak Black is said to make much more money then what was listed, probably due to cash events and gigs.

Is Kodak Black Free Or In Jail?

As of right now, Kodak Black is no longer in jail and is serving a home arrest sentence. He also has to abide by regulations set by former President Donald Trump. Trump commuted Kodak’s sentence after promises made between the two, including Kodak’s requirement to donate. We hope the Florida legend rapper continues to create more opportunities for his community.

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