Mario Judah Shows New Face Tattoos

mario judah gets new finger and face tattoo

It’s no doubt that Mario Judah had one of the most explosive debuts in Hip Hop recently. The multi genre artist dabbles into different kind of music styles. Unfortunately, this has led to some polarizing views among listeners. It seems that people either love him or hate him.

Judah has quite an interesting look to him, red hair, spiked necklaces and of course his voice. This might have been a factor in his viral video of him calling out Playboi Carti. The rapper exploded with screams on an IG Live where he tells Playboi Carti that if he does not drop an album, he will.

What was once a joke turned out to be a serious threat to the baby-voice king. People made this stranger famous who in fact did not even consider on becoming an artist. That’s right, Mario wanted to become a producer at first.

Recently though, Mario Judah was featured in an episode of ‘In My Bag‘ where he showed off his new tattoos. One tattoo is on his face, and the other is on his fingers. His finger tattoos say the word ROCKSTAR, on his hand it also says Die Very Rough. And ofcourse his face tattoo.

Not sure if I should be alarmed by the “Die Very Rough” tattoo but given his unique personality, I’m sure he’s fine! In the episode, Mario always shows a large 3d printed figure of himself.

Regardless if you like his music or not, I’m sure he has some more unexpected things coming for us in 2021!

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