Meek Mill Sets To Flood The Rap Scene

meek mill will flood rap scene

Meek Mill has had it with today’s hip hop. In his recent tweet, Meek Mill does online and talks about dropping lots of music because “Rap getting weak”. Check out the tweet below.

During the pandemic, Meek was not uploading as much content as some expected. Meek is also seen going public to tell the streets to stop worrying about promoting and start flooding the game with raps. I actually do agree with this because as a new artist, you must be consistent in your output. Some upcoming artists might think that big projects with big budgets might be the trick to reach the world but it’s not necessarily the solution.

It looks like Meek Mill is quite upset at artists who are hiding in the studio. He continues on twitter and talks about how the systems makes the process longer than it should be. Part of music is uncalculated, some things you can’t predict. You will have a better chance throwing everything at the wall rather than saving your best shot.

Meek has reportedly been making music videos in the Bahamas with Drake. This may be for Drake’s upcoming album Certified Lover Boy. Will Meek Mill delete his social media again for this upcoming project?

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