MGK and Megan Fox

MGK rapper standing next to girlfriend Megan Fox

MGK and Megan Fox have been social media’s favorite power couple in 2022. The two punk lovers met in the movie Midnight in the Switchgrass set. Many spectators love seeing MGK, aka Machine Gun Kelly, show off his women for the paparazzi cameras. It’s no doubt that many young people today see these two as a model for love. 

MGK and Megan Fox are seen in interviews describing their relationship. One time the actress was asked about Machine Gun Kelly during a news segment, and she said one of the first conversations was about breastfeeding. Many fans on Twitter find this hilarious until they discover more turbulences within the relationship. 

Megan Fox and MGK wearing pink on a set of chairs

MGK and Megan Fox Breakup

After being married for two years, MGK and Megan Fox seem to have experienced a breakup. The two celebrities have lots of social media attention after announcing a relationship. With supporters on both sides, MGK and Megan Fox were attacked by other women like Sommer Ray, who claims cheating took place. Though this brought down some moods, the two are still very close friends and are rumored to be planning a wedding.  

MGK and Megan Fox Engaged

MGK and Megan Fox got engaged on January 11, 2022. The couple went out for a date and set out to walk by a gorgeous tree featured on Fox’s Instagram. The couple posted a video on social media where Machine Gun Kelly proposed at the top of a romantic stair set. Megan Fox said yes, and the two shared a kiss which was captured by multiple cameras. You can see the MGK and Megan Fox engagement Instagram video below. 

Machine Gun Kelly with Megan Fox for movie

Megan Fox and MGK Interview

Megan Fox and MGK took interviews at different locations to express their love. The celebrity couple was featured on various shows like The Couples Quix, Entertainment Tonight, GQ, and more. One of the most popular videos featuring Megan Fox and MGK is the YouTube video from British GQ on October 13, 2021. Machine Gun Kelly asked questions to Megan to see if they both knew each other well. 

MGK and Megan Fox Movie

MGK and Megan Fox first met on a set of a movie titled “Midnight in the Switchgrass.” Machine Gun Kelly fell in love with the actress, and the two quickly got into a relationship. MGK and Megan Fox created a new movie called “Good Mourning,” featuring many well-known actors. You can watch the new film on Amazon Prime Video today. 

MGK and Megan Fox Ring

Take a look at some photos of MGK and Megan Fox’s ring. Machine Gun Kelly proposed to his woman with a teardrop emerald ring under a banyan tree in Puerto Rico. The beautiful ring features thorn-like bands meant to “hurt” Megan as she tries to take it off. The number of carats is unknown for MGK and Megan Fox’s ring, but some say it’s over 60. Online resources say that Machine Gun Kelly spent over $340,000 on the engagement ring. 

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