NBA Youngboy Smiles At Camera While In Prison With Inmates

nba youngboy arrested and smiles in prison

New photos were released on April 7th of NBA YoungBoy smiling next to his prison mates. The rapper went online in prison to update his social media with pictures of him wearing orange jumpsuits along with 4 other individuals. Originally from Snapchat, the photos quickly spread across the hip hop community.

It is refreshing that YoungBoy does not seem stressed during this situation involving the FBI. On March 26th, YoungBoy Never Broke Again was having a foot pursuit with the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) due to an outstanding warrant. The hip hop artist was taken down by the K-9 unit.

NBA Youngboy Arrested For Weapons & Gun Charges in Louisiana

In September 2020, NBA Youngboy was taken into custody along with 16 other people in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Federal agents found a .45 pistol and a 9mm handgun. The rapper is prohibited from possessing any firearms due to a felony for assault. Unfortunately for YoungBoy, one of the guns was not registered in his name.

One might be quick to blame NBA YoungBoy for this altercation, but in fact, the police department has been in a middle of a scandal lately. Baton Rouge Police Department has been accused of running a massive corruption system. Right now, 640 drug cases are currently under investigation for potential corruption. This is because all 640 of these cases were handled by 2 officers who were charged for corruption.

NBA Youngboy Instagram

NBA YoungBoy’s Instagram seems to be much more active for the year 2021. After Youngboy’s arrest, many posts tagged the hashtag #freeyoungboy and many fans are joining in. See the latest posts on NBA YoungBoy’s Instagram here.

NBA Youngboy Kids Names

NBA YoungBoy reportedly has 7 children stemming from different women. His first child was born in 2016, named Kayden. The mother of Kayden is Nisha, the couple had a second child in June 2020, named Armani. He also has another child whose name is Kamiri with a woman named Starr Dejanee. The rapper also takes care of a second non blood kid with Starr named Kamron.

Youngboy continues to bore more children and one of them is from another woman named Nia. YoungBoy & Nia’s child is named Tay, and yes, he is the biological father. Then there is an IG model named Jania Bania, she and YoungBoy dated in 2018 and bore a son named Kacey. Drea Symone is yet another woman who had a child with NBA named Kodi Capri.

Finally YoungBoy had a baby boy with Floyd Mayweather’s daughter Yaya. The son the once couple had was named Kentrell Jr.

How Tall Is NBA Youngboy?

NBA Youngboy is commonly asked how tall he is. The 21 year old rapper is 5 foot 8 inches. It is likely that he will grow considering how youthful he is. Find more news about NBA YoungBoy here at Support Hip Hop. Comment below what you think about this piece of news!

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