Nick Cannon Reveals Twins With 2 Women

nick cannon is having twins

After being fired, Nick Cannon returns to host his game show Wild ‘N Out. The announcement was earlier this month, but Valentine’s Day revealed something new for the once rapper. The 40-year old San Diego native was seen on multiple women’s Instagram during the holiday. Supposedly, Cannon is having relations with three different women.

During Valentine’s Day, Abby De La Rose posted on Instagram revealing that she was pregnant. The picture reveals Nick Cannon’s hand around her belly. Rumor says that it is twins the Abby De La Rose is expecting. Allegedly, Nick sent Valentine Gifts to 3 different women.

What is shocking is that Nick Cannon recently had a new child with a woman named Brittany Bell. She proudly claims Nick to be hers and shared a video of him surprising her with a room filled with balloons. Later on that day, another woman by the name of Lanisha Cole shared her own video clip with a similar balloon room set up. Pretty funny actually, as the fans comment away harassing the young women.

This is true because Lanisha posted on her IG story commenting on the situation. She says, “It’s not your job to be upset over the dynamics of MY relationship.” 

The newest child from Brittany is named Powerful Cannon while his older son is named Golden. We hope a fast and safe delivery of the twins!

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