Nicki Minaj’s Son Says 1st Words In Video


This Thursday (September 2), Nicki Minaj’s Son “Papa Bear” said his first few words while the family was recording a video. The 11-month old baby boy is seen with his father Kenneth Petty and his mother Nicki holding him while sitting on a couch. The rap family posted this video on Instagram.

Nicki Minaj first born son says his first words on camera

It appears that Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth tried to encourage the son to say “hi”. To the family surprise, “Papa Bear” blurts out his baby impression of “hi”. Nicki Minaj gasps in amazement as her child said his first word! Fans are laughing and excited at this cute video since parents usually don’t catch kids first words on video.

When Is Nicki Minaj’s Son Birthday?

Nicki Minaj recently shared footage of her family on her Instagram and many fans are delighted. Rappers showing their hip hop fans their personal lives proves to win over more people, and it is sure to ring true here! Nicki Minaj’s Son “Papa Bear” is set to celebrate his birthday on September 30th.

You may view some photos from Nicki Minaj’s Instagram below!

Kenneth Petty Sued By Jennifer Hough

Kenneth Petty is currently being sued by Jennifer Hough for a rape case in 1995. Kenneth is Nicki Minaj’s husband and the hip hop couple got married in October 2019. It is unfortunate for them that the case is still ongoing and in June, Kenneth struck a plea deal to lighten his sentencing.

Kenneth Petty arrested for attempted rape mug shot

The 40 year old rapper was 16 when he was convicted of first degree attempted rape in April 1995. The victim was also 16 at the time and prosecutors said he used a sharp object to try to force the girl. Kenneth Petty served 4 years in New York State Prison for this crime.

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