Uzzy Marcus Brother Kills 2 Women & Streams Bodies On IG Live

marcus brother kills 2 women

Update 3/5/21: No Jumper recently interviewed Uzzy in regards to the allegations of his brother thinking he was getting set up.

What in the actual..! The setting is Vacaville, California. Brother of upcoming sacramento rapper Uzzy Marcus was arrested on Saturday January 30th. He was arrested for murdering two woman who allegedly “set him up”.

Raymond Weber live streamed the aftermath of the killings on Instagram, showing two dead bodies laying on the floor of a apartment complex. You can see the video below.

Uzzy Marcus Brother Twitter Video

You can view Uzzy Marcus brother’s twitter video of the incident below. The video has surfaced around social media and the brother’s Twitter account is now removed. Updates suggest that this video will be used to prosecute Weber for life terms.

This is seriously some crazy stuff here, I mean judging by the video it immediately looks like murder. Again who knows who this is going to turn out but one thing is for sure, this is an extreme case. Police officers were forced to evacuate the whole building. But this is where it gets messed up…

uzzy marcus and his brother raymond weber

Apparently someone called 911 after seeing the IG live and when a wellness check was performed, Weber had barricaded himself inside. This obviously screams murder once you hear that detail. In the clip you can see Weber smoking a cigarette after murdering the 2 woman. When the building was evacuated, a SWAT team came and threw flashbangs through the windows.

Police said, “Eventually, officers entered the apartment and found the man hiding inside. After a brief struggle — during which an officer utilized a taser — the man was taken into custody at approximately 8:32 a.m.”

After 8 hours Weber was charged with two counts of first degree murder. He already had an outstanding warrant for battery and assault. The story gets sicker when it is revealed that a third brother named Antoine is also behind bars for killing Weber’s girlfriend in 2014. Is this maybe revenge? What do you think? Oh yeah, the upcoming artist is behind bars as well.

Who Were The Girls That Raymond Weber Killed?

This is an update made in March 2nd of 2021. The following has to do with who Raymond Weber killed at the Rocky Hill Apartments. The first victim was his fiance whose name was Savannah Theberge. She was 26 years old. The 2nd victim is not named and the fiance left behind a 4 year old son. This is truly tragic news and we hope the families the best.

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