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Rick James banner new documentary

Rick James has been an comedic icon in the music business and for many years. Originally a Motown Records singer, Rick James became very successful during the 60s and 70s. During recent times, the former comedian was revitalized by another comedian Dave Chappelle. Dave poked fun at the legendary singer by making a comedy skit on an experience that he had with Rick.

It is no surprise that yet another documentary is now coming soon about Rick James. What’s the new name you ask? It’s BITCHIN’: THE SOUND AND FURY OF RICK JAMES. The new documentary was announced on a press release by SHOWTIME. Sacha Jenkins will be directing this documentary and many fans are excited to see the Emmy Award nominee’s work.

Sacha Jenkins Directs New Rick James Documentary

Mass Appeal creative director Sacha Jenkins will direct the new Rick James documentary. When interview, Sacha says, “an intimate yet propulsive look at Rick James, one of rock, funk and R&B’s most legendary and often underappreciated figures”.

The film will feature rare footage of Rick James’ live shows, home videos, and original interviews with hip hop artists like Ice Cube, Boosty Collins, and Big Daddy Kane. There are more rappers who join in on the documentary, since Rick James passing in 2004, many fans continue to find him alluring. It is facts that many people are awaiting this new film by Sacha Jenkins.

Bitchin’ The Sound and Fury of Rick James Trailer

To view the new Rick James documentary, Bitchin’ The Sound and Fury of Rick James take a look at the video below. The YouTube trailer showcases a new light on the now deceased singer. Although many issues became relevant during his later years like drugs and alcohol, Rick James always pleased the crowd. The premiere is set to be Friday, September 3 at 9 p.m.

New Rick James Film Shows Drug Addiction

Anyone who knew Rick James knows that he has had trouble with drug addiction during his career. While he was on top of his status, Rick James was convicted for kidnapping two women. It is reported that Rick James was on crack cocaine when he was torturing these young women, this incident landed him 3 years in 1993. The sentence was held at the Folsom State Prison.

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