Rick Ross Featured On ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’

rick ross and his classic car in red

This Monday (May 11), Rapper Rick Ross was showcasing his taste in classic cars in the recent ‘Jay Leno Garage’ shooting. Though the show is yet to be released, Rick Ross shared a snippet on his Instagram. It appears that Ross is showing Jay his clean-built 1957 red Chevrolet Bel Air. This classic Chevy vehicle can easily cross the $50,000 range.

You can see the sneak peek Instagram post below on Rick Ross’s profile.

The Miami rapper also stated in his caption, “I got to ride thru Cali hills top down,windows up talking classic rides with the Legend today.Cool shit huh..episode coming stay tuned!!! Dade county just took it to another Level.”

Jay Leno Shows Car Collection to Rick Ross

Jay Leno is known for having plenty of unique cars that are worth millions of dollars. Any car enthusiast would appreciate the collection that Jay has because many of these vehicles are rare and no longer for sale. When meeting Rick Ross, Jay showed him his F1 McLaren, which is estimated at around $15 million dollars. Ross expressed his enthusiasm and it is clearly seen in the video below.

In this video you can hear “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the F1 McLaren,” and “Valued at fifteen million dollars. The gold motor. The middle seat, I know you can’t see it because of the reflection, but the red seat is a middle seat in between both seats. F1.”

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