Russ Lists Influences: Eminem, 50 Cent, & More

russ lists out influences from hip hop

Russ, one of the most undervalued artists to date. Many dislike his style of arrogance or confidence in his persona as well in his music. Despite all this negativity, Russ is one of the most successful rappers in the Industry right now. His relentless attitude towards work ethic in music has really shined through negative articles and shade.

Famous for a variety reasons, Russ prides himself in being an independent artist who does not need a label to spread his message. Currently, Russ has a record with Lil Baby called “Ugly”.

In previous years Russ was signed to Columbia Records. After not being satisfied with the record deal terms, he decides to pursue independence in his music. If you know Russ, he rarely mentions the help of other artists or any influences because he really emphasizes this “Do it yourself” mentality.

Finally though, while talking to DJ Suss One, Russ talks about who inspired him to make music. “I originally got interested in rap and hip-hop via 50 [Cent] and Eminem,” said Russ, co-signing DJ Suss One’s claim that Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ is one of the best rap albums ever. “Then I got into, it was in high school, I was a freshman in high school in ’06 so, when [Lil] Wayne was going crazy. I just remember being in high school when freestyles were dropping and the mixtapes. Wayne was running sh*t. I remember what it felt like when ‘A Milli’ dropped. Just the idea of being able to spaz on a beat, that was Wayne.”

Other artists he mentions as his favorites are Drake, J Cole, Kanye West and more. Boy would I love a Kanye & Russ collab, that’ll be dope! Comment below on what you think about Russ!

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