Sniper Gang Jackboy Arrested For Gun Possession

jackboy arrested 2021

Jackboy was arrested for gun possession as he was driving a blue Lambo SUV in Georgia.

Looks like Jackboy is at it again in Florida, while driving with his friends the Sniper Gang rapper was pulled over and arrested. This is an inconvenience since Kodak Black recently returned from prison and fans awaited a new collab.

As of 2pm today, Jackboy’s attorney, Drew Findling tells TMZ…

Pierre Delince was a passenger in the vehicle in which the driver was given a warning for an alleged traffic violation. Another passenger in the vehicle admitted to ownership of the 2 guns found in the glove box yet inexplicably Mr. Delince, was charged.” He adds, “To be clear, Mr. Delince was not in possession, control or in any way exercised possessory interest of handguns present in the vehicle. As such he did not violate any Georgia laws.”

According to TMZ, the Florida rapper was in a blue Lamborghini SUV at Monroe County, Georgia. Police said that the car was swerving in between lanes. The cops ordered backup as they noticed a strong smell of marijuana from the vehicle. Jackboy and his friends were then removed from the vehicle so police can search the SUV. What started as a routine search turned south as police discovered 2 unregistered firearms in the glove compartment.

In the passenger glove compartment was a 9m handgun and a Glock. It was reported that Jackboy claimed to not know a gun was in the vehicle. The passenger then claimed that the guns were his. While Jackboy was almost off the hook, police ran his record and found that the Pompano Beach rapper was a convicted felon. Convicted felons are not allowed to be within arms reach of guns. This resulted in Jackboy getting arrested.

Jackboy was arrested and processed for possession of a firearm as a convicted felon. Though he was able to pay the bond at $2,500 on the same day. This will add some burden to the rapper as he continues his rap career. It might be hard to avoid being around guns given the nature of hip hop music.

Luckily the weed that was found was discarded and Jackboy’s crew were given a small verbal warning. What do you guys think?

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