Snoop Dogg Runs for Def Jam Executive

snoop dogg runs for def jam

After publishing his latest album “From Tha Streets 2 Tha Suites“, Snoop Dogg set his eyes to a new goal that involved Def Jam. It is rumored that the west coast rapper is in the run for an executive role at Def Jam Records. This famous record label has been signing talented hip hop artists for over a decade.

Snoop would be joining the likes of Jay-Z when it comes to overtaking a record label. In 2004, Jay-Z was actually named president and CEO at Def Jam and help launched the career of Rihanna.

Though Snoop does have a record label of his own, Doggystyle Records, which was founded in 1999. On Twitter hip hop fans were confronting the rapper and he has yet to respond to anyone. Snoop Dogg is currently 49 years old which would make him one of the oldest record executives in the label. He recently asked for prayers for his mom from his fans on Instagram.

What do you guys think about this? Would Snoop be a good record executive? Let us know what you think in the section below!

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