Travis Scott Burger

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The Travis Scott Burger is one of Mcdonald’s most popular celebrity items. The rapper’s meal consisted of a Quarter Pounder with applewood bacon and two slices of American cheese. Travis Scott has amassed millions of streams in his music, and it’s only fitting to have a collaboration with McDonalds. 

This particular menu item stemmed from Travis Scott’s success with his album Astroworld. Many fans choose “Sicko Mode” as their favorite song, and now they can enjoy the rapper’s food. Learn more about this famous Mcdonald’s burger in our guide below.

Travis Scott posing next to a mcdonalds advertising his burger

Travis Scott Burger McDonalds

The Travis Scott Burger Meal comprises a Quarter Pounder with bacon and lettuce, french fries, and a large Sprite. It’s no doubt that this rap artist has a significant influence on today’s youth, which makes sense for McDonald’s to reach out. The rapper and franchise collaboration set’s stage for other companies to support hip hop. 

Travis Scott Burger Meme

When the Travis Scott Burger was released in restaurants, many fans shared their experiences on social media. It didn’t take long for hip hop fans to flood Twitter with memes of the rapper’s Mcdonald’s meal. Most pictures reference a group of suburban kids accompanied by a quote like, “We’ll have the Travis Scott burger, please.” Take a look at some Travis Scott Burger memes below.

Travis Scott Burger Ingredients

Learn the ingredients if you’re interested in making the Travis Scott Burger at home! Many recipes exist online that copy the Mcdonald’s sandwich. All you need to recreate the Travis Scott burger is ground beef, cheddar cheese, onions, pickles, lettuce, and bacon. Make sure also to find some fresh burger buns and seasoning for the meat. 

What is The Travis Scott Burger?

Travis Scott Burger is a different combination of the Quater Pounder sandwich at Mcdonald’s. The difference between the rapper’s burger and other food items on the menu is its applewood smoked bacon. Many fans also point out that the lettuce creates an added touch. After trying it myself, I will say it is delicious and well worth the price of $6.

Travis Scott figurine standing in front of a mcdonalds burger

Travis Scott

Travis Scott is one of the most famous American rappers to date. His music has reached millions across the world through the likes of hip hop. His real name is Jacques Bermon Webster, and he’s currently 31 years old. Travis Scott is known to have high-energy concerts and crazy fans. The rapper is also showered with press due to his children with Kardashian, Kylie Jenner. Recently, Travis Scott has spent time with his family and less time with the hip-hop community. 

Is The Travis Scott Burger Still Available?

The Travis Scott burger was released on September 8th, 2020. Since the promotion, many customers have asked if they would rerelease the sandwich. Mcdonalds does not plan on bringing back the Travis Scott meal. There’s also been a few incidents that have put the artist in legal trouble that’ll further disincentivize the restaurant to work with him. 

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