Trump Pardons Kodak Black But Case Continues

trump pardon kodak black

These last couple of days have been quite hectic for Trump, but on his last days as President he pardons a number of people including Kodak Black. The Florida rapper was serving a 4 year sentence for a weapons charge in 2019. Although he is now a “free” man, there is still charges that Kodak needs to face in South Carolina.

Kodak Black has been charged with sexual assault on a woman in a hotel room in February 2016. Supposedly he bit her neck and breast and forced himself onto her as she repeatedly told him to stop. Hey assault and injuries was documented by a medical personnel.

The Circuit court plans to aggressively go after Kodak Black since he already has a detainer on file against him. Although this seems true, Kodak’s South Carolina attorney Beattie Ashmore says, “Aggressively prosecute? It’s been four years. That speaks volumes. Kodak was on bond and on tour for two years before his federal case even began. Ed’s a very fine and experienced prosecutor and I look forward to once again speaking with him about this case. It’s been awhile”.

Who knows what Kodak has planned right now, but if he is convicted of this sexual assault, he can serve a maximum of 30 years behind bars. After knowing all this, why did Trump pardon him?

The White House press secretary said in a statement Trump’s decision to commute Kodak’s federal sentence was “supported by numerous religious leaders, including Pastor Darrell Scott and Rabbi Schneur Kaplan.” The statement also included that Kodak had numerous philanthropic ventures like helping struggling families.

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