Wiz Khalifa Lands Role In ‘Spinning Gold’ Movie

Wiz Khalifa Plays george clinton in spinning gold movie

A career change may suit Wiz Khalifa as he lands his biggest acting role in the new movie Spinning Gold. This movie has been in the makes for several years and many roles have been switched. Including Samuel Jackson, who was supposed to play Wiz’s role. Nonetheless, the film features legendary musicians from the 70s like Donna Summer, KISS, and more.

The movie Spinning Gold tells the story of Neil Bogart and his upbringing with his record label Casablanca Records. The film will be directed by his son, Timothy Scott Bogart. Many fans are excited to see this movie because its now in post production. While being self funded, Wiz Khalifa had no problem being a part of the project. This may perform as well as Rhapsody and launch many individuals into their acting careers.

Spinning Gold | A Neil Bogart Movie

Casablanca Records is notorious for its lavish parties and Bogart’s bizarre lifestyle. The late CEO is the main subject of the new ‘Spinning Gold’ movie which illustrates his life. The immense drama featured in the film excites fans that are curious to how life was like during the 70s. His son was well aware of his father’s success when he was growing up, which makes him fit for directing this movie.

When asked about his father on Deadline he says, “My father was making $100 million a year, at the height of Casablanca, but he quote-unquote ‘forgot’ to pay his taxes, and my inheritance amounted to three years at NYU, a Dodge Daytona and the rights to this story,” he said. “I was going to protect this with all I had.”

Neil Bogart’s Gambling, Drugs, & More

His son was aware that the lifestyle wasn’t all beneficial to Bogart. In the Spinning Gold movie, he will showcase the highs and the lows of his father. When asked about describing how Neil was like growing up, his son said, “There were many parts to Neil Bogart, including gambling, womanizing, drugs, but for my father, they were his superpowers,” Bogart said. “If he wasn’t a gambler like his own father, he wouldn’t have been able to run to Vegas to come back and make payroll. He was a functioning Quaalude user who would operate under the influence in the office or at my Little League games. But when Frankie Crocker scared the shit out of J. Edgar Hoover and every record exec turned his back on him after Frankie was arrested in the payola scandal, my father created a fake album to give him an advance that paid his legal fees. It would be wrong for me or the film to judge these people, though the audience certainly can.”

Wiz Khalifa Cast As George Clinton

Taylor Gang rapper Wiz Khalifa was casted to play the part of George Clinton in the upcoming film ‘Spinning Gold’. This is a great opportunity for Wiz Khalifa as this movie is set to break records. Wiz is currently part of an animated series called Duncanville which co stars Any Poehler and Rashida Jones.

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