YNW Melly Releases ‘Just A Matter Of Slime’ Album

Many are awaiting the trial for YNW Melly’s double murder charge. But to everyone’s surprise, the prisoned rapper released a new album titled ‘Just A Matter Of Slime”. The help behind this new hip hop album released came from a variety of producers and engineers who went on prison phone calls. After some direction from YNW Melly, the producers went to work with the prison vocals and teased fans on Instagram on August 12.

While Melly is still claiming his innocence, the prosecutors are waiting to give the rapper a life sentence for his actions. Other members of the YNW rap group have already been charged with the murder of YNW Sakchase and YNW Juvy. The general hip hop community is split between the belief of YNW Melly’s innocence.

YNW Melly’s Just A Matter Of Slime On Spotify

You can listen to YNW Melly’s new album ‘Just A Matter Of Slime” on Spotify below. The rapper is still in prison awaiting a death sentence but is still managing to make music behind bars. YNW Melly has loads of tracks on Spotify that you can listen to as well as all other streaming platforms. In Feburary 2019, the hip hop artist was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

YNW Melly Posts On Instagram While In Prison

Despite being in prison, many fans are shocked that YNW Melly is working on music. In fact, YNW Melly posted this meme on his Instagram below. You can view the latest posts on Melly’s Instagram or Twitter.

YNW Melly also posted another video on Instagram clowning himself and his lawyer. You can see the video on YNW Melly’s Instagram below.

Just A Matter of Slime Tracklist

YNW Melly’s new album titled ‘Just A Matter of Slime’ is now on Spotify and is currently trending. There are 12 songs that span to 43 minutes of hip hop tracks. You can view the tracklist of ‘Just A Matter of Slime’ below.

  • Mind of Melvin (ft. Lil Uzi Vert)
  • Yung Nigga Shit (feat. YNW Gunna & Hotboii)
  • Thugged Out (feat. Kodak Black)
  • Take Kare (feat. Lil Baby & Lil Durk)
  • Pieces (feat. Queen Naija)
  • Loving My Life
  • Caprisun Fun (feat. Young Thug)
  • Best Friends 4L (feat. Lil Tjay)
  • Far Apart (feat. Kevin Gates)
  • Greensight
  • Freddy Kruger Remix (feat. Future & Tee Grizzley)
  • Na Na Na Boo Boo

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