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Looking to spice up creativity levels when it comes to shooting music videos? This guide will help you find unique ways to highlight the artist at hand. Whether you’re creating a music video for rappers, singers, and performers, these tips will indeed introduce something new! Sometimes videographers can not afford to rent mansions for a video shoot, so you must be resourceful. Other times there needs to be more money in the budget to get excellent equipment, so for now, you have to save money. 

This article will cover warehouse shoots, VHS styles, Drones, Mutl-Sets, and more. There are plenty of music video ideas we share on our Instagram story that could also inspire others. Whether you’re starting in videography or are already a seasoned professional, these recommendations can help. Learn more affordable ways to shoot music videos on this page

Film videographer looking at camera equipment

Warehouse Shoot

You can do a lot when you shoot a music video inside a warehouse. Renting a location is relatively straightforward in populated cities. The cool thing about this idea is that some places add crazy details that serve as an excellent background for music videos. Renting an empty warehouse is best if you’re more interested in building your own set or having multiple scenes. 

Warehouse Shoot empty for music videos

VHS Style

Many popular music videos today feature VHS styles. I’ve seen this effect occur in transitions as well as overall scenes. In rap videos, the VHS style adds a classic old-looking feel, creating nostalgia for the viewer. The slight distortion appeals to my eyes, and I thoroughly the effect. You can achieve this VHS style by incorporating an effect overlay inside your video editor. Videographers can also buy a vintage camera that records in tapes and use an adapter to export the videos! 

VHS tapes for music video

One Long Take

The One Long Take Shot is one style that really takes the viewer on a journey. This style of video shooting focuses on one subject as they walk through various scenes. Popularized by movies, videographers started to pick up this approach when creating music videos. For this idea, charge your camera fully or attach an extra battery. You can find examples of the One Long Take shot on YouTube.  

Record At Different Speeds

Everyone uses slow motion in music videos, but how do we up the ante? You can try recording at different speeds, introducing a new look for the artist singing. For this style, the artist must lip-sync at double speed, and in post-production, the editor can slow-mo the video by 50%. This will create an astonishing scene that showcases slow motion while the lyrics are still in sync. 

Use A Drone

Drones are quickly becoming popular in music videos across all genres. Whether flying through a landscape or zooming toward a large crowd, these videos are often priceless. Achieve impossible music video shots with a flying camera! Nowadays, drones are affordable and can be included in your following equipment list. Videographers are now obtaining their flying license to add to their services. I recommend experimenting with a cheaper drone in case something tragic happens to the hardware. 

Drone filming in the sky with a sunset

Multi-Set Studio

If a warehouse is too expensive or large for your music video, try renting a small multi-set studio. There are plenty of spaces that’ll host you and your ideas when it comes to preparing a scene. Premium studios usually have access to decored areas that’ll already come with an impressive look for music videos. Take a trip to a thrift store and see what scenes you can create for a low budget. 

Lyric Music Videos

If shooting in person is impossible, you can create an awesome lyric music video. This kind of style requires extensive work in editor programs like Adobe After Effects. Usually filled with textures and animations, you can truly be inspired by looking at your favorite songs. If you need help figuring out where to start, please view YouTue tutorials on cool text animations! 

Visual Effects

Visual Effects are often the new way to create impressive music videos. VFX artists have tons of experience with programs like Blender to create astonishing things. Some of my favorite music videos feature intense visual effects that take everything to a new level. Recreate real-life objects in a virtual space to give a unique look inside your music video. Though it may take some time to learn, it’s certainly worth it when you see the results of these visuals for artists. 

Story Telling Ideas

Storytelling is necessary for a music video to help convey a message. Artists like Kendrick Lamar have plots throughout his work, and fans love him for it. You’ll see less storytelling and more effects these days, but a good story would only enhance your music video. Sometimes it’s best to start with a story and imagine/execute ideas to help tell it. 

Music Video Ideas for Rappers

Check out our dedicated article if you’re interested in music videos tailored for rappers. Find alternative ways to recreate expensive scenes or effects. Take your creativity to the next level by incorporating tips from other sections of your website. Visit our tutorials page for more information on music video ideas for rappers. 

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