5 Free Sample Websites

Selecting the perfect samples can save or make your track! Having a sample library is a must for every producer especially for hip hop music. Categorizing the samples is a great idea to separate your drums, kicks, one shots, melodies, percussions etc.

It would also be a great idea to obtain unconventional samples like FX samples to add some realness to your track. As you familiarize yourself with the samples you will find yourself fitting different samples into different musical situations.

Of course the best quality samples usually cost money but there are some decent websites out there that offer plenty of free samples for you to download! Here are a list of 5 free sample websites.


Cymatics.fm is a well known preset and sample website that offers over 1,000 free samples. From drum loops to your percussion needs, Cymatics is a great place to start your sample library! There is even samples made for other kinds of music like EDM and Soul.


Looperman is a community based sample website that delivers decent quality samples. Although the selection is a bit random, you can find some real gems here! Nothing a bit of mixing won’t help!


Free-sample-packs.com is a hidden gem among the hip hop producer community. Partly due to its underground setup, you will be able to find exactly what you need here. The amount of packs and samples here is unknown!


SoundPacks is yet another consistent source of hip hop drums and samples. What I love about this website is that there are plenty of genres that you can pick from, all free. The hip hop drums featuring here are sickening!


Freshstuff4you has been through lots of domain changes as it features paid products that are available to download for free. Although I would recommend purchasing these products from the source, you can probably retrieve some insight on what you want to purchase by browsing through here.


This list of 5 free hip hop samples website is just the beginning! Try to research more and let us know what you find! Although samples are great and all I truly recommend learning how to sound design so you can mimic these sounds with a single software.

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  1. This is what I truly needed,I got frustrated with just going on YouTube just to find sample packs that normally aren’t really my style,I checked out Soundpacks and it really is what I needed. Man this website has made my life a lil easier

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