The Key Behind Growth: Law Of Numbers

law of numbers

Behind growth is a whole lot of numbers. Number of engagements, number of followers, number of views etc. But how do we increase these numbers? How do we grow our pages and our music? Well there is one method that is FOOLPROOF for growth. This method uses the concept of ‘Law Of Numbers’. Law of numbers states that the more impressions we reach, the more engagements we will receive. Although the desired result will be minimal, the concept rings true and will 100% work.

Law Of Numbers Concept

Let’s talk about how the law of numbers can work for us. For a call center salesmen, he will likely need to call around 100 people before making a sale. If this proves to be wrong, the law of numbers guarantees that as long as you continue to call more people, you will eventually make a sale. So let’s think, if the salesmen called 100 people and did not make a sale, then 100 more calls would likely result in a sale. If 200 calls go by without a sale, then a sale will likely come soon. With this kind of thinking, making 1000 calls will DEFINITLEY result in AT LEAST one sale.

The process is similar for streams and views. As long as you keep sharing and finding new ways to get people to find your music, you will get more fans committed to your music. As long as you keep sending emails for beat sales, you will eventually make a sale only if you send enough emails. Regardless, measure how many times an event has to occur before your desired result occurs. Use this as a benchmark for future references.

How Law of Numbers Worked for Me

When I was young I was constantly begging Instagram pages and news networks to post my videos. I was sending my best videos in hopes I would receive a free shoutout. All of my 5 videos were not chosen. After a couple weeks I tried again with different videos. No response. Then I decided to send 5 new videos every week and after sending around 50 videos, I finally got featured on Worldstar. I then accepted this tedious concept and proceeded to send Ellen Degeneres videos every week through her website. The hardest part about this is not knowing how many times I have to send videos to be accepted. Eventually after 30 submissions I was finally featured on Ellen. Here’s the video. This was enough proof for me to dedicate myself to tons of content creation. Next thing you know, I got featured on worldstar 7 more times!


We learned that the law of numbers truly works in your favor. As long as you are willing to go through plenty of trials, you’ll be able to figure out what platforms or methods are best for you! But remember, it will take a lot of effort so it’s important to be consistent! Don’t give up and keep on sharing!

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