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Let’s face it; many hip hop listeners have been listening to this genre since the 1990s. The originators of this music have also spoken out against many new rap styles. Instead, they want to relive their time by looping 90s hip hop songs. Take yourself back to the roots by streaming the featured songs in this article. 

There are plenty of 90s hip hop songs, but we’ve identified a small portion of the most popular picks. Immediately, you’ll be able to tell the difference between music back then to now. There’s still a large number of hip hop artists who are taking inspiration from music made in the 90s. Enjoy our top-rated old-school rap and hip hop songs below. 

Snoop Dogg – Gin and Juice

You can’t get through the 90s without listening to Snoop Dogg’s Gin and Juice. This classic rap song set the standard for chill vibes across the nation. Death Row released Snoop Dogg Gin and Juice in 1994, and the official music video has over 44 million views on YouTube. Many new hip hop listeners hear this classic track in local clubs and bars. Watch the music video below. 

Snoop Dogg wearing Gucci sunglasses

Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day

Ice Cube is a legend in the hip hop industry, and he made his mark early on. One of the most popular singles that came from this rapper was “It Was A Good Day.” Ice Cube goes on and raps about a story that many fans love to hear. On YouTube, the hip hop single has reached over a whopping 168 million views with 70,000 comments. Watch the full music video below. 

Ice Cube performing live

Wu-Tang Clan – Triumph

Originally from the Wu-Tang Forever album, Triumph is a well-known single in the 1990s. The hit rap track has an official music video on YouTube that many fans play during parties. Wu-Tang Clan was formed in Staten Island, located in New York City, in 1992. After many music releases, the gorup signed to multiple labels. Enjoy our attached music video for Wu-Tang Clan – Triumph. 

Wu-Tang Clan performing Triumph-2Wu-Tang Clan performing Triumph

Nas – N.Y. State of Mind

Nas is one of the most famous rappers in the 90s music scene. His hit single “N.Y. State of Mind” is considered one of the classics in the industry. What’s unique about this Nas song is that it was completely freestyled. 

Nas performing live at a concert

90s Hip-hop Album Songs

During the 90s, many popular hip hop songs came from album releases. Artists from across the nation created long-format tracks being played at all the events. Some popular singles that came from albums are listed below.

  • MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This
  • Heavy D – Now That We Found Love
  • Salt-N-Pepa – Shoop
  • Bobby Brown – My Prerogative

90s Hip Hop Party Songs

If you’re having a themed party for the 90s, ensure you include the hip hop songs featured in this article. Some tracks may seem familiar, which shows the timeless success of the artist. Check out our list below for 90s hip hop party songs. 

  • Juvenile – Back That Thang Up
  • Puff Daddy – I’ll Be Missing You
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff – Summertime
  • Big Punisher – Still Not A Player

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