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Singer Bebe Rexha released an album called “Better Mistakes” that has been hitting the charts since Friday (May 7). In this album was features from Rich Ross, Ty Dolla Sign, Doja Cat, and Lil Uzi Vert. The single featuring Rick Ross is titled, “Amore”.

After talking with Billboard, Bebe Rexha remarked, “It’s funny, because I had this super-focused album that was all in the ‘Empty,’ ‘Death Row,’ ‘Break My Heart Myself’ world, and ‘My Dear Love’ was still in there to go a little more Hip Hop,” said the singer. “But then sitting on the album was driving me crazy, listening to all these sad songs. When you sit on an album for two years, two-and-a-half years, you’re gonna want to change it. So I had to fight myself not to change a lot — but I threw ‘Sacrifice’ in there, and ‘Amore.’ I threw in different genres, and that’s what I wanted.”.

Bebe Rexha “Amore” Lyrics

Some of the most memorable lyrics in the new song with rapper Rick Ross, Bebe says the following.

Diamonds on my middle finger (Yeah)
F*ck you to the simple n*ggas (Han)
Versace sweaters and the linen
Smokin’ Cali out in Venice (Boss)
Mansion bought in Vienna, bought a Benz and I’m livin’ like a Menace
I remember time when I’m never finished, like a set of rims, Rozay always spend it

Bebe Rexha “Amore” Out Now On YouTube

You may now listen to Bebe Rexha new album on YouTube. Listen to Amore on the video player below to hear great singing and awesome rapping by Rick Ross. Let us know what you think about this single in the comments below.

Listen to Bebe Rexha “Amore” on Spotify Now

For those fans who have Spotify, you may listen to Bebe Rexha new single “Amore” now. This new song featuring rap legend Rick Ross is sure to put you in quite a mood! Enjoy the song? Let us know below in the comments section!

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