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Foolio is a top Florida rapper gaining the attention of famous artists. Sometimes labeled as a menace, Foolio continues to release violent music that sometimes features a comedic style. Charles Jones (Foolio) is 23 years old and represents Jacksonville, Florida. 

Following street code, Foolio has been involved with shootings and more. Foolio has amassed millions of views and followers on many platforms like YouTube, Spotify, & Instagram despite the dangerous lifestyle. We have his latest music listed below.

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Julio Foolio 

Julio Foolio has made a name for himself, dissing many famous rappers. After back-to-back shots, Foolio started getting buzz in the hip-hop community. It wasn’t too long before Foolio was featured on World Star Hip Hop for his debut single. After working with record labels, Julio Foolio found it better to work alone. Thus, Foolio created his path and is now working as an independent artist. 

Foolio wearing chains and watches while smiling for camera

Foolio – Free Shiesty (Official Music Video)

Foolio’s Free Shiesty track from the Confidential Thoughts album now has a music video. Many fans anxiously waited for this video to drop on YouTube right after Valentine’s Day. With over 800k views, Foolio’s clear message has everyone on edge. Watch the official music video of Foolio Free Shiesty below. 

Foolio – Glock On Tuck (Official Music Video)

Foolio’s new style is present in this single ‘Glock On Truck.’ Bringing new energy to the fans, Foolio is seen dancing with his friends in the music video. Glock On Truck has a whopping 2 million views, and many fans love how the scenes feature a gas station. You may watch the official music video for Foolio – Glock On Truck below. 

Foolio – JWET feat. Blueface (Official Music Video)

Foolio is bringing back a classic track from his catalog called ‘JWET’. To much surprise, Blueface is featured on the remix. Licensed to Create Music Group, Foolio’s JWET remix has become a popular single on many playlists. Many note Blueface’s positive performance on the track and comment on the duo’s style. Take a look at the official music video for ‘JWET’ by Foolio below. 

Foolio – Confidential Thoughts (Official Music Video)

On behalf of Foolio, Confident Thoughts is released on all platforms. The rap album did great numbers in the hip-hop community, and this single is a fan favorite. With 1.2 million views on YouTube, Foolio undoubtedly draws attention with his music. LewisYouNasty shoots this particular music video. View the Florida rapper’s music video below. 

Foolio – When I See You (Official Music Video)

Foolio’s start in the industry was not as welcoming as others think. This Florida artist worked hard for his spot, and many rivalries revolved around the space. Foolio’s ‘When I See You’ was a comedic diss track toward other rappers. Many say this rap song brought Foolio world fame when the music video went viral. The YouTube official music video for “When I See You” has over 30 million views. Watch the controversial video below.

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