Jay Critch Feat. Lil Tjay – With Them

lil tjay and jay critch collab on new single

Jay Critch releases a new song that brings energy from Lil Tjay. This new hip hop track is that classic New York style vibe that many rap fans love to listen to. Lil Tjay has been one of the fastest growing hip hop artist in The Bronx. JD On The Track produced the hit record and it proves the scene of drill music as both rappers were spitting bars.

It is no secret that Jay Critch is slowly becoming a house hold name with his early start in the rap industry. One can imagine that the new collabs with artists like Lil Tjay will only solidify his unique style in the rap game. More features from Jay Critch’s latest album include Fivio Foreign, Drakeo The Ruler and more.

Jay Critch Feat. Lil Tjay – With Them Rap Lyrics

Some of the lyrics from the latest Jay Critch rap song “With Them” with Lil Tjay can be found below.

N***as ain’t real, just shows
I gotta get to the top, wanna reach for my goals
No, I can’t run from no pole
F*ck around, that shit’ll take a n***a out his glow
Rollin’ down the opp’s street, bro
N***as can say what they want, they already know
That boy’ll stick to the code
Bodies droppin’, like eleven n***as in a row

Jay Critch Feat. Lil Tjay – With Them On Spotify Music

You can listen to the new Jay Critch single feating Lil Tjay called “With Them” on Spotify. Open up your Spotify Music App and listen to Jay Critch new album “Critch Tape” to find hot new hip hop. This New Yorker is finding his way to fame with this new rap album.

Jay Critch Feat. Lil Tjay – With Them On YouTube

You may also find the latest single of Jay Critch featuring Lil Tjay “With Them” on YouTube. Listen to the full rap track below on YouTube featuring rap fan favorite Lil Tjay. Critch’s new album is making him a staple in the New York area especially since he is working with other rappers.

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