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Rapper Peter Rosenberg releases a new old school vibin track called ‘Snake Eyes’. This came from his debut album ‘Real Late’. His recent appearance on hip hop radio Hot 97 surprised many fans as he shined some light on upcoming rappers. His debut album contains features from Jim Jones, Ghostface Killah, and Crimeapple.

These 3 rappers were also featured in the song “Snake Eyes” released yesterday on all streaming platforms including Spotify. The track talks about trafficking drugs and strolling through the streets as youngins. Its refreshing to see Rosenburg show love to his hip hop artist friends and even describes their music in an interview.

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While being interviewed by Hot New Hip Hop, Peter Rosenberg says, “If you love Ghostface, you really might f*** with Crimeapple. And Crimeapple fans may be younger and have not really realized how ill Ghostface is or they don’t realize how good to work Jim Jones is doing right now. I think the album works in a way where you really can get in different hip-hop fans, different generations, different interests, and hopefully, do something really positive for all of them.”

Peter Rosenberg ft. Crimeapple – Snake Eyes Lyrics

The track ‘Snake Eyes’ by Peter Rosenberg was released on June 4 2021. The song stems from the Real Late album in which Peter debuts with loads of underground rap talent. The hip hop track features Jim Jones, Crimeapple and Ghostface Killah. You can see the lyrics of this single below.

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I used to tap dance all around a nigga figure-four
Two little niggas holdin’ gold and stickin’ liquor stores
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, motherfucker pick a door!

Cops pulled us over
We laughed and ripped our summons
Cruise on boats, stuff our hundreds in a gold vase

tucked in between both legs
cigars while I’m buzzin off a gold plate
Flying in a Swiss ounce?, bullet proof North Face
Wu Tang rituals
Bricks being broken on a scale being shipped to you
Hairy chest Bee Gees music, you could sniff it too
Scatter and Fat Nose Larry, they can sniff Peru

Designer shit only the official should listen to
My pockets on chicken coup, got all my opps miserablе
Popped up in the physical, two hundred hispanics
Now wе wondering where his man where
Start to stutter and panic
All this butter on my hands I outta cover tha planet
Rich homies hitting my line like: “You should come to the Hamptons!”
I just be lampin’ nigga Benz counting president faces
But lately what I tend to see the most is Benjamin Franklin
There’s no dancing, ya’ll retreating when we enter the function
A grown man become a fetus like Benjamin Button
Chickens love it, wanna rub my stomache, even sucks off dick
I only bust three times during sex if I’m exhausted
December you might see me in Colombia eating swordfish
Summertime I got a fever, wrist and teeth frost

I’m getting paper cuts
Todo lo que
You gotta weigh it up
You turn up stuffed then luggage in Lithuania
I pop up blunted with Rosenberg at Wrestlemania

[Jim Jones]
Ask Rosenberg about our very first encounter
He was talking slick shit, that could’ve been his worst encounter
I was fresh out the kitchen, I was still weighin’, workin’ counters
Trip of the wealth of the workin’, I’ll take you to the out of towners
When Ghost was up in Harlem shooting Ice Cream for the butter peacans
I was up in Harlem getting rid of them butter seed grams
They catch a body for ten, cash two for an extra three gram
By the power of grade school, the dust had ’em feelin’ like He-Man
When Barkley was at the line shooting up foul shots with a black eye
I was really up in houses supplying the fiends with a crack car
There’s five thousand ways that you could break down a crack pot
Niggas either duck or get struck by these bullets when the mag fly
Yeah we that fly
Diplomats, I’m back by my gang
You get attacked by

Stream Peter Rosenberg – Snake Eyes on Spotify Music

You may listen to Peter Rosenberg’s ‘Snake Eyes’ on Spotify streaming platform. The hip hop track features artists Jim Jones, Crimeapple, and Ghostface Killah. This song was released on the 4th of June and Peter’s debut album is called “Real Late”. Play the Spotify single below to start listening to ‘Snake Eyes’.

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