Young Nudy – Scott Evil

Young Nudy released a new album recently called “Dr. EV4L” which is taking Atlanta by storm. This underrated hip hop artist is trending among the rap community and his new single “Scott Evil” has been hitting high numbers on streaming platforms. This single was in reference to the famous movie Austin Powers.

Nudy tracks are memorable by nature and this hip hop single is no different. The instrumental of Scott Evil features an eerie instrumental that sticks in your head. You may enjoy Young Nudy’s newest single “Scott Evil” on all platforms listed below.

Young Nudy – Scott Evil on Spotify Music

You may listen to the new single “Scott Evil” from the album Dr. EV4L available now on Spotify. The Austin Powers tribute goes hard and is already trending on the hip hop playlists on the streaming platform. Hear a snippet or the whole song using the widget below and tell us what you think!

Young Nudy “Scott Evil” on YouTube

Scott Evil by Young Nudy is available to listen on YouTube for free. Listen to it now and let us know how you feel about Young Nudy’s new album. The Atlanta rapper is known to hype the crowd and impress loads of hip hop artists with his music.

Young Nudy Scott Evil Lyrics

And I got that gun, I’ll hit you in your stomach
Your guts, you know it gon’ pour out
I like the blood I leave in the street,
Yeah, I’m a blood, no industry ni*ga
I been this shit ‘fore an industry
Don’t get this shit twisted, I’m not none them ni**gas

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